Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It seemed a while since I had actually lost weight via the scale measurement BUT;

I still felt great, thin and fit well into my less fat fatty pants...  last night we  went to cheddar's for dinner, dad and I had the veggie platter, baked potato, corn, broccoli,carrots, salad, it was so delishhhh...I was a bit annoyed that my pants fit a bit tight...THEN checked the label, I had grabbed my skinny pants  I had a bit of trouble with just a week ago!! yay!!! 

This morning found two more pounds gone.. so don't get discouraged...remember a lifestyle change is for life..    your body will adjust as it needs to...  

If you are a bit frustrated, just  cut out breads,  and refined flours. Eat pasta maybe once a week...that will help a lot.. and do away with wheat as much as you can. 

My brother told me he lost 10 lbs almost immediately when  he completely gave up wheat...

GOOD LUCK, keep on vegging out!