Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Ok so the other day, for two days I felt sort of dragging... I was like HUH?  so I   thought about what I had been eating, and I am unfortunately highly influenced by the people around me and what they eat.. I was eating bread, WHICH  I NEVER Eat...

 Hubby and I  stopped at WEndy;s for a quick dinner while out running errands. I had two baked potatoes plain, just salt...  WOW,  within 15 mins I felt great!  I suppose i was not taking in enough  complex carbs and was sort of just eating veggies sandwiches and  veggie pizza... well what a difference..

WATCH WHAT YOU EAT... it is truly amazing the difference in carbs and what they will do for ya...

Good eating!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wow I really haven't posted much lately... well

with me missing my bethany lowe deadlines, I have been crazily busy creating Halloween dollies and  I  had an order for a wholesaler

down 40lbs!!!  almost to my next goal...will "work" a bit harder to get there sooner this next couple of weeks...I've been eating nuts... blah.. so good but so fatty.

I am presently eating baked beans and beets, yes I love beets.. GOOD EATING TO YOU!! keep your chin up, keep reading information... there is so much to learn!! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I KNOW I haven't posted much lately...

but............... the journey continues... Weight loss is slow as I do enjoy eating nuts, so I cut them out for a few days, and lost another pound.. fat in the diet is amazing, we don't really need much of it.. only to make the fat soluble vitamins work...

 you can't get fat  eating fruit and veggies! but you sure can get healthy ! 

a real testimony for you arthritics out there! Linda Pinda no longer suffers with her psoratic arthritis!

As I was exercizing BEFORE breakfast this morning... all I could think of was that one month ago, I could barely crawl out of bed in the morning. Then I'd go right to my cup of coffee filled with refined sugar and cream. I'd pump myself full of 8 pills. Then just sit there, have a second cup, and pray that I'd be able to move enough to get something done... not to mention hope the blasting headache would go away. ~To be honest, I still have a lot of pain in my knees, but considering I went to bed at 1:15am, and Jacob woke me up at 4:00am and fussed til 6:00. I cannot believe I got up at 7:45 ready to face the day. I can't say that I am feeling "cured" at this point, but I can tell you that I'm feeling totally different then I did a month ago! ~And now that I'm exercizing, I'm losing the weight. Having a hard time finding any negatives here :D