Wednesday, March 2, 2011

THIS DOES WORK~ for everyone

I keep hearing " glad you found something that works for you" well having been designed to be a starch eater,  what else would "work" for me?

  It isn't about  amounts or calories, or giving up something it is about what your body is crying out to you to feed it. Crying out? yes,   any diseases  you may have that are  diet related  (  diabetes type 2, arthritis,bowel problems,cholesterol, blood pressure etc) are  your body crying out to you to STOP WHAT YOU ARE PUTTING INTO IT.  I apologize if   my ranting offends anyone, but having watched my family be "healed" by plants is enough for me to carry on a blog to discuss and chatter about it. 

My brother is a "star mcdougaller" read his story

 and then I personally have experienced a complete turn around in my health, energy,skin,weight etc...I can't say enough, I admit I am a zealot :)  ( is that a good thing?)

good luck to anyone brave enough to make a lifestyle change away from an unhealthy diet to a healthy full lifestyle of  energetic living... 

PHIL MICKELSON~ professional golfer wish I could share this with him!

I heard on the news this morning that Phil Mickelson ( a professional golfer) was diagnosed with psoratic arthritis. I wish so much I could share  this  plant based diet information with him  so he could get better. His wife is also battling breast cancer ( as I read on facebook?) if they only knew! 

 My father was cured of his rheumatoid arthritis 30 yrs ago, just by staying away from ANIMAL products... I watched it with my own eyes... and  as for me, I have no pain at all anymore in my body since I did away with animal's such an easy fix...

That is the only BAD THING about this lifestyle, it's hard to talk to people because they  don't want to change what they believe is right and healthy ( or not)... all we  can be is examples to them. It's hard not to  be a zealot for something that works miracles and is so simple as diet sometimes makes you feel so dumb that you weren't paying attention to your body screaming out for help...