Tuesday, February 1, 2011


No, I am not becoming GREEN, I don't  believe in that scam... I have always taken care of what God has put in my care...BUT I have stopped buying  plastic bottles of water to drink... Yes they were so convenient and tasted so good  ( well Deer Park did, the others were gross tap water with all those chemicals added) in place of my sulfur well water...

 A bit ago I purchased a Brita  container to filter my well water.. ( speaking of fresh free spring water I have it right here on the farm duh) and it tastes SO GOOD...plus with the big scare about  plastic bottles and the hormones it sends out blah blah blah.. why take the risk?   depend on yourself... though yeah you still have to buy the filters....and the Brita container is plastic.. well I am trying!

 We are working on  being off the grid so to speak, but I don't think I could ever really be , not with the internet!!

have a nice day, DRINK WATER


omg...have you tried that yet? Now remember, that is a "rich" food, so just a little bit once in a while! it's decadent!

GOOD TUESDAY MORNING~ it is amazing!

  DOWN another pound!   Blood sugar 99, and I ate so much   yesterday I thought for sure I would have gone up a bit... but nope...  I will have to say of all the ways I have tried eating for health or weight loss etc, this is the first time ( ok second since I did this once before) that I haven't gained any back during it... leveled off a few days, yes, but not actually gained... very cool and oh so inspiring!

  So today, it's a rainy cold day, with ice and a huge storm expected...I will make up some corn chowder and eat and eat and eat it... I love having food all ready to go, so if I get hungry, I don't have to think... I think that is one of the secrets of this... NEVER GET HUNGRY, always have something ready to put into your mouth...