Tuesday, April 10, 2018


If you click that link above, it'll take you to my recipe blog, then click those links and it'll take you to a bunch of great healthy recipes...
can't wait to try some

and here too!
Helyn's kitchen

new for me too, going to check her out

Sunday, April 8, 2018


YEAH so I am doing good. Lost 4lbs in 6 days, but how I feel is what matters most to me. Losing weight is important, but a mere benefit of eating plants. Eating wholefoods plant based, gives a feeling of being 'clean' inside. No stomach aches or problems with bowels, that gets fixed pretty quickly when you begin to eat the fiber your body needs. The energy is also a great bonus...Other than getting hit with a late winter cold, I've been feeling pretty good. My left arm was swollen, I assume slow lymph return due to inactivity... it's been a long winter. I sit all day making art, so I don't move around a lot. I plan to change that when the weather breaks, by taking walks with my American Miniature horse Bug. He's my buddy and will be a fun walking pal. 

Well off to make more dolls ~ 

Monday, April 2, 2018


SO WE'LL see how this goes

I don't believe in fad diets, never have, never will. A lifestyle change is what works, unless you decide to change back to what you were doing...I did that, I 'fell' off the wagon hard. 

Excuses? well, I suppose being told what I should or shouldn't eat from restaurants/menus/servers, strangers, family, friends and who knows what else, it's a sort of bullying I suppose... but I don't want to term it that, as bullying is already way overused today... BUT IT'S NO BODY'S business what I put in MY MOUTH... period.

I HATE TO COOK~ so much...I cooked my whole life for everyone. It was rare anyone else took on the holidays...and I guess I just got tired of it and all the clean up that goes with it. Well time to buck up and take back my life again.

It has to be simple for me as for anyone I suppose. Today's answer for weight loss is bariatric surgery... I have considered it, even though I have taken care of recipients when I was a nurse, and some died ( not on my watch fortunately). I don't believe it's the answer and I am not sure but the statistics for success lifelong are 50%!!!
 That's crazy to me. So the only answer I know that works,that is healthy is a lifestyle CHANGE. yup change.
 We don't like it, we don't want it, but if you want to feel good, and not be sick, it's the only way. So time to buck up and get back to work.

What I lost and what I found; 
a whole foods plant based diet heals, yes heals, it doesn't treat symptoms as do medications,but it HEALS your diseases. I had arthritis, acne rosacea, asthma, intestinal problems, reflux, awful skin, obesity, diabetes, fibromyalgia ( self diagnosed with the help of my son the doctor) ALL DIET RELATED and curable... and well that's all I can remember from before... 

It all went away... well I was still 50lbs overweight maybe more, 70? I don't remember.. no matter, I was obese,I lost 62lbs or so in 4 months..then you sort of level off.. and there are ways to continue to lose, but well life jumped in my way.. and dad passed away, and all those excuses flew at me...

 My asthma stuck around because I am allergic to a lot of stuff, cats, horses, molds, and I live amongst it.. but I was able to cut my medication in HALF. Dairy is awful for an asthmatic. 
So my arthritis is back, if I eat a bunch of dairy and red meat, get out the ibuprofen! My asthma seems ok, but NO ENERGY for sure, skin stinks, stomach messed up again.. well anyway, so I am getting sick of feeling sick... time to do something about it!!! 


LINKS~you can buy stuff if you want, but these all have free info and free recipes!




IT'S NOT buying new things as much as it's AVOIDING old things we are used to

Thursday, January 3, 2013

SEPT???? really???

I find it ridiculous that I have not posted since Sept...well here goes...
Today I had a message from yet another VICITIM of the SAD, Standard American Diet... she was diagnosed with diabetes and of course was put immediately on the PILLs...

I gave her the free program link and links for the articles to read about her new disease... I hope and pray she gives it a shot and does not let the disease OR depressing medical profession get her down! 

I am still doing good, though I do drink a coke once ina while... I like the bubbly stuff, I admit it... 

Recently I purchased this cook book;  

I intend on really finding what I like in here and incorporating the recipes into my lifestyle. For now we still eat the corn chowder, chili, steamed veggies, loaded baked potatoes, and eat out too in our weekly meals. I don't like to cook, so I try to keep it very easy...

here is the Happy Herbivore's website, plenty of wonderful recipes here, and I made the sage bread for the holidays, it's fabulous! 


ALSO... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, with your next $20 consider purchasing this movie to watch, a real eye opener, did you know you don't HAVE TO GET CANCER? I have the movie, though it's always a challenge to get people to watch things this scary..."SCARY" you ask? yes, scary being a lifestyle change... and in order to avoid cancer, you need to quit FEEDING it and encouraging the potential for it with your diet... changing eating habits appears to be the NO. 1 thing scarier than death! 


Wednesday, September 5, 2012


A friend of mine recently asked about my starch diet. I hadn't posted on here since June so I thought I 'd better get typing. 

The recipes are ones I still use. I recently invented a potato salad that I just love, here ya go; 

10 red skin potatoes washed and fork poked
3/4 cu low fat Vegannaise ( the yellow lid from your refrigerated health food section of the store)
1-2 t sugar
1T mustard
1-2 t lemon juice
1T vinegar
2T dried dill or you could use fresh to taste
1 large onion cubed
3 apples cubed
3 stalks celery sliced in small pieces
sometimes i add dried chopped chives, minced onion,
and parsley, depends on my mood that day... 

cook potatoes ( I use my microwave) let cool 
completely so they cut up nice...cut into cubes
Mix soft ingredients all together and taste to make
sure you have the right amounts you like of vinegar and such
mix all veggie and fruit ingredients together, then pour 
may mixture over and stir well... you may add a NON DAIRY
milk to add more moisture if it appears to dry...

refrigerate and consume ! 

I need to exercise!!! I think I will start walking.. I found a bike along side the road the other day, seems to be a nice bike, it had FREE BIKE sign on it... maybe it was God saying "HERE" no more excuses! 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

hey there!

STILL going strong, still feeling great and lots of energy... so how are you doing? leave me a comment and let me know... THE STARCH SOLUTION is now out, Dr. McDougall's new book, I have it but haven't even cracked teh cover yet... I will ..

As most of you know, I drink mostly water all the time, with an occasional wine or rum mixed drink, BUT changed over to some herbal iced tea recently for a cool summer change. I use HERBAL mint tea from the store ( I have a garden full of herbs I need to start using...) I put 5 tea bags in 1 qt of water and let it sit in the sun... then I add 1/2 cup of sugar and another quart of water, stick it in the frig and drink away... sweeten to taste for yourselves...

HAPPY EATING, eat to live not survive!!

Friday, May 18, 2012


In consciously cutting back on fats and oils, since the fat you eat is the fat you wear, not carbs! I changed over to rice milk original. It's so good, and adds just enough sweetness, for me anyway, to cereals. I still use unsweetened organic soy milk for my soups and cooking. 

I had been eating TOO MUCH vegannaise since it is so good, and was fearful of stepping up on that scale... but it didn't make a difference! I still hadn't gained any weight back...I haven't lost another pound, but as I said I am eating too much fat. 

On occasion I have oreida onion rings, the gourmet ones, they are HIGH FAT! even though I bake them, but still no animal products, just fat fat fat... 

so I am on a roll excluding fat from my diet to see how much more weight I can lose, and still eat how I enjoy eating. I also realize that eating such bulks of foods in order to keep satiated seems to have stretched my stomach and I seem to eat more than I ever ate before. I can see this as a potential for problems if I continue to eat too much fat as I am getting plenty of calories from my veggies and starches. So if you feel the same way, just watch out and keep track of your fat intake. 

DON'T get discouraged, just pay attention, it's not that hard when your health depends on it! AND Kudos to you for taking the steps to being healthier and living happier longer for yourself and your loved ones. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

abandoned blog! NO... I am still here...

though I don't get here much anymore with all the paths I have spread myself out on, BUT still eating NO ANIMALS, and feeling great, and though I haven't lost much more weight, I started a bit of exercise since the weather has warmed up! 
exercise is a really important part of healing your body, as it assists in insulin effectiveness if you are diabetic, joint strength if you have arthritis, and a myriad of other things... my asthma is so mild now, that walking will surely help even more... 
vegan lifestyle rocks! 

I recently discovered Boca crumbles, NO ANIMAL products in there, unlike other "meatless" meat products.. it's great in spaghetti sauce, chili and tacos... give it a try! so are the Boca Chicken patties, yummy!I like them in chix parmigiana...but I think they are NOT gluten free though, if you need to avoid wheat.. 

have a great week... and EAT TO LIVE. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Can't believe I haven't posted since last november, shame on me!

 A great new marketplace I stumbled upon; https://www.homesteadmarket.com/

I started chewing gum, for those times I am not hungry, but seem to need something in my mouth. Well I really didn't realize that ALL GUM today is full of aspartame! so I found B-fresh gum through this company, and am anxious to try it out. I will let you know what I think and if so use this company ! They are friendly, helpful and all for the customer and their satisfaction.

I am still doing great, have not lost another pound, and in fact gained 3 back! but I added quite a bit of fat to my diet with eating out , earth balance butter, vegannaise, and toffuti sour cream... so I cut those in half, and lost 2lbs.

Fat added to your diet really will bring it back on... so just keep eating and watch the fat!

I am looking forward to exersizing by walking around my area with my camera in hand...

have a great day and keep on eating for your life!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Decided to post today because I just got off the phone with my sister, and she said she will give this a try for a couple of weeks.. 
I didn't want her to think I fell off the wagon.. LOL... or don't have interest in posting anymore.. because I do.. 
I just have my plate full right now.. 

so GOOD LUCK FRAN.. you can do it!! it's fun, easy and the weight drops off..