Monday, February 7, 2011

FIRST GOAL REACHED~not that I was even TRYING!

Well as you all know by now, my initial change in the foods I eat was caused by my diagnoses of Diabetes type 2... 

Today was a mile marker for me, and  took just over two months! I weigh the least I have weighed in 11yrs! and it is SO MUCH FUN tossing out my FAT  FATTY clothing...I know I will never need them again, so it's no loss to me...

KEEP GOING can do it and you can feel amazing too... just stay away from those animals, and watch your fat intake!! 
oh yeah exercise too, which I still need to do... ya know when I have to go to the store, I always take a few extra laps around the store, at least I am doing a bit of exercise..


Well, yesterday was a fun day.. I had purchased some fun foods for the super bowl party, it ended up being the old faithfuls, hubby, dad and me...oh well, we tried! 

I had purchased a Sam's club steeler cupcake and tiny cake tray since I don't eat that  anymore...well didn't want hubby to feel left alone celebrating so dad and I dug in and had a piece of the cake. It was good, but after not eating that sort of food since November, it left that sticky, greasy feeling in my mouth, and my head got a bit woosy.. yikes! I still must say I don't miss  swill.. 

 This morning, Blood sugar was 94, YIPPEE.. so  my body compensated for me , thanks body! 

ok back to my healthy diet... that I love so much...  and I created a good recipe for garlic sauce to put on eggplant and rice etc.. going to put it  on the recipe page... stop by if you are interested! 

have a great day!