Saturday, February 26, 2011

dinner out

  We went to dinner last night at the university for a Mystery Dinner fund raiser. What did you  eat? you asked...well they had an enormous salad, with some italian dressing,  pasta with cheese ( no thanks) and bread sticks ( buttered yes) so I had 3 bowls of salad, then since everyone kept going back up, I had a plate of salad, and  4 breadsticks.. LOL.. My tummy was a bit sluggish after eating the buttered sticks, but sometimes you just can't control things...and once in a while, it just doesn't matter! 

today I got right back to my regular eating, I feel great even so! 

BS this morning 109... not bad for a bread dinner and somewhat oily salad at  8pm! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What's really cool is~

I  sort of put my back out yesterday helping my poor old dog up as she had  fallen in the snow, and couldn't get up.  It's all good, it's an old injury from when I was a nurse...

Well normally when my back is "out" I am pretty much out of commission because I hurt all over anyway.. well I don't hurt anywhere anymore, so the back thing seemed  pretty easy this time! 

amazing what plants can do for ya ! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DAIRY~remember, this is liquid is yogurt, cottage cheese and butter

so stay away from it! 

Meat, animal protein, casein, whey, and a myriad of other names for it is NOT good for stay away from it.  It causes your body to be more acidic the place where cancer LOVES to grow and other diseases thrive.  Don't take that chance with yourself...let your body be the happy body it can be by eating plant protein.

 The more you dabble with keeping just a little bit here and there in  your diet, the harder time you will have getting away from any  cravings you  will have from it...the salt and fat will cause you to fall off the starch wagon! 

  Ok enough ranting for now.. eat healthy stay healthy!! have a great day !


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It seemed a while since I had actually lost weight via the scale measurement BUT;

I still felt great, thin and fit well into my less fat fatty pants...  last night we  went to cheddar's for dinner, dad and I had the veggie platter, baked potato, corn, broccoli,carrots, salad, it was so delishhhh...I was a bit annoyed that my pants fit a bit tight...THEN checked the label, I had grabbed my skinny pants  I had a bit of trouble with just a week ago!! yay!!! 

This morning found two more pounds gone.. so don't get discouraged...remember a lifestyle change is for life..    your body will adjust as it needs to...  

If you are a bit frustrated, just  cut out breads,  and refined flours. Eat pasta maybe once a week...that will help a lot.. and do away with wheat as much as you can. 

My brother told me he lost 10 lbs almost immediately when  he completely gave up wheat...

GOOD LUCK, keep on vegging out! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

I may have hit my first plateau?

I  hadn't felt like I lost any weight this week, so I  weighed myself, and NOPE. Don't get me wrong, that is still not my focus, but I do want to get   to the size my body prefers  to function at. 

 I have eaten out several times this past two weeks,   some lunches with dad, and some dinners with hubby for anniversaries etc...oil oil oil.. it must be the oil... I don't eat oil normally at home... and eating out you are sure to consume it. 

So this week I will focus on eating in in in ... and getting back to the weight loss part of this fabulous lifestyle...

 no, I have not gone back on anything, I have NOT fallen off the starch  wagon,  just consumed oil in my diet the past  couple of weeks, see, gotta stay away from that if you are trying to LOSE...also stay away from breads, and pastas.. we had pasta tonight!  

eat potatoes!  

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Changing your lifestyle in such a drastic way , has to be fun, and easy or

no one would stick with it. I figure unless there is real motivation to change what you put into your mouth,    it won't last and it will be just another one of those diets people  try then get bored, tired or frustrated with and give up.

When  I started this, if  the enormous energy burst hadn't come so quickly , I may have failed as well, and be right back where I was accepting the medical field's answer to diabetes, pills! and STAYING WAY FROM STARCH!! perfectly wrong advice.

My recommendation, the one that worked for me, and still is, is to NEVER GET HUNGRY. That 15 mins in the morning  spent making up a great pot of veggie soup or chili will  go a long way to keeping you eating healthy.

Eating out can be a downfall for many, but  just look at it as a "feast" time and  don't make a habit of it. When dad and I end up at a restaurant, we normally find out what veggies they have  available, and they almost always have baked potatoes... so we get a nice big salad, and cut up our potato right into it... and we do get the honey mustard dressing, which is not low fat or fat free, but with all the other foods having no oil, we are ok with that. 

 I think it is important to make sure you read the labels or ask questions. I had no idea lomein was an egg noodle, now I know,  so I stick with the sticky rice.  We found out the other day,   most chinese restaurants use a chicken stock as the base for their sauces. That is not acceptable to us, we do not want to add animal fat to our diet, so  we just use soy sauce.  

Lately I have been making up  a  big rice cooker of rice, and baking a whole bunch of potatoes, so they are ready when we want th em. YOu can freeze the rice  and  take it out as you need it... it 's just as good.. 

Just a few tips I have learned, and am learning...   have a great meal! 

Friday, February 11, 2011


have a wonderful sunny productive day...still holding over here.. how are you doing?

I posted two new recipes today! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ok so there was a brief interlude BLIZZARD come through, but the sun is OUT AGAIN!


GOOD TUESDAY MORNING~sunshine all the way !

Gorgeous sunny day here in freezy PA, so that will help a lot  when we go out to run errands today...

 The snow is gorgeous recoating everything in that pure,bright unadulterated white...  the woods looks  inviting and the yard so pretty..

time to get up and get is waiting for his smoothie and oatmeal breakfast!

for me V8 today! not  very hungry this morning


Monday, February 7, 2011

FIRST GOAL REACHED~not that I was even TRYING!

Well as you all know by now, my initial change in the foods I eat was caused by my diagnoses of Diabetes type 2... 

Today was a mile marker for me, and  took just over two months! I weigh the least I have weighed in 11yrs! and it is SO MUCH FUN tossing out my FAT  FATTY clothing...I know I will never need them again, so it's no loss to me...

KEEP GOING can do it and you can feel amazing too... just stay away from those animals, and watch your fat intake!! 
oh yeah exercise too, which I still need to do... ya know when I have to go to the store, I always take a few extra laps around the store, at least I am doing a bit of exercise..


Well, yesterday was a fun day.. I had purchased some fun foods for the super bowl party, it ended up being the old faithfuls, hubby, dad and me...oh well, we tried! 

I had purchased a Sam's club steeler cupcake and tiny cake tray since I don't eat that  anymore...well didn't want hubby to feel left alone celebrating so dad and I dug in and had a piece of the cake. It was good, but after not eating that sort of food since November, it left that sticky, greasy feeling in my mouth, and my head got a bit woosy.. yikes! I still must say I don't miss  swill.. 

 This morning, Blood sugar was 94, YIPPEE.. so  my body compensated for me , thanks body! 

ok back to my healthy diet... that I love so much...  and I created a good recipe for garlic sauce to put on eggplant and rice etc.. going to put it  on the recipe page... stop by if you are interested! 

have a great day! 

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Yeah so how disappointed was I to find out lomein has EGGS IN IT.. OMG BLAH!

After two days of eating lomein, yeah  had leftovers, and I love leftovers... I looked it up just to  see.. heck what do I know? evidently not enough! so now I  ask and read labels MUCH more carefully...

I have  been looking for a real garlic sauce recipe to put over my eggplant.. well so far they are all gross, I assume  the peanut oil is what really makes it?

I will keep looking, if I find one OR if you do,   I will share it, will you?

have a great weekend EAT PLANTS!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


yep, from our favorite chinese restaurant in wheeling, SILVER CHOPSTICKS!! and it was good for breakfast too... I LOVE LEFTOVERS... ok back to NO ADDED OILS..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


B12 is the only vitamin we  eventually would need  as we keep eating starch, I use Nutritional Yeast in my soups, chowders, chilis, and stews, that way it covers ya! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


No, I am not becoming GREEN, I don't  believe in that scam... I have always taken care of what God has put in my care...BUT I have stopped buying  plastic bottles of water to drink... Yes they were so convenient and tasted so good  ( well Deer Park did, the others were gross tap water with all those chemicals added) in place of my sulfur well water...

 A bit ago I purchased a Brita  container to filter my well water.. ( speaking of fresh free spring water I have it right here on the farm duh) and it tastes SO with the big scare about  plastic bottles and the hormones it sends out blah blah blah.. why take the risk?   depend on yourself... though yeah you still have to buy the filters....and the Brita container is plastic.. well I am trying!

 We are working on  being off the grid so to speak, but I don't think I could ever really be , not with the internet!!

have a nice day, DRINK WATER


omg...have you tried that yet? Now remember, that is a "rich" food, so just a little bit once in a while! it's decadent!

GOOD TUESDAY MORNING~ it is amazing!

  DOWN another pound!   Blood sugar 99, and I ate so much   yesterday I thought for sure I would have gone up a bit... but nope...  I will have to say of all the ways I have tried eating for health or weight loss etc, this is the first time ( ok second since I did this once before) that I haven't gained any back during it... leveled off a few days, yes, but not actually gained... very cool and oh so inspiring!

  So today, it's a rainy cold day, with ice and a huge storm expected...I will make up some corn chowder and eat and eat and eat it... I love having food all ready to go, so if I get hungry, I don't have to think... I think that is one of the secrets of this... NEVER GET HUNGRY, always have something ready to put into your mouth...