Saturday, January 29, 2011

JANUARY 29TH, 2011~where I am right now...

Hello again...

Here I am again just two months from the beginning of the rest of my of today I have lost  approximately;

26+lbs ( my scale broke so I am all off kilter)  ok so down 3 pants sizes? does  that count?
no more blurry eyes
no headaches ever
no aches and pains ever ~ok I slept funny on my shoulder, it is achy today
no thirst
no hunger
no cravings for anything
face spots are disappearing, along with those little rough nasty spots
no leg cramps
no foot cramps
love to cook
ENERGY beyond belief
no lazy feelings.. always up and adam and ready to go
brain is  sharp and memory is back
inspiration is raging in my art work
able to focus 90% better than ever...
undeniably healthier than I have been in 11 yrs...
no more stomach pains or problems with bowels
 BLOOD SUGARS always  under 110 fasting...
OH YEAH  no more HEARTBURN, ever, I had  started taking  pepcid,  on a regular basis haven't taken any since day 1...
so so many things...            

so I CHALLENGE YOU... to eat this way for TWO WEEKS.. then post in the comment how you feel...
here is the link;

each person must find what works for them, anything goes except any animal protein ( milk, eggs, cheese, butter, cottage c heese, yogurt, meats of any kind) and no added oils.. veggies and nuts have more than enough oil for vitamin absorbtion...

anyway.. let me know how it goes..I will continue to post things that matter to me, that I  wish for you to know...

GOOD LUCK.. robin

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  1. I clicked on the link but see no eating guide. Where is the list of foods?

    Thank you,