Sunday, January 30, 2011

OH AND one more beef, no pun intended...

 I love how some people tell me they are vegan... then they proceed to tell  me what they eat;  vegetables, sardines,oil, cheese, yogurt.. WHAT? those are vegan?   I think NOT... just because you don't down a good prime rib? nah... I   guess I can't figure out really what vegan means so here is what I found in wikipedia...for what that is worth;

 well that's not me... I don't eat  animals now because they are so bad for you  and we are STARCH EATERS not meat eaters, and to keep away from eating them  I picture  those big baby browns looking up at me, I guess I never did like eating animals, and  if I was eating one and thinking about it, it made me  sick....

I do love leather and fur...I still wear those so do my maybe I  am NOT VEGAN.. but just a starcher.. LOL..

I AM A STARCHER... yep that' s me..

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