Monday, February 7, 2011


Well, yesterday was a fun day.. I had purchased some fun foods for the super bowl party, it ended up being the old faithfuls, hubby, dad and me...oh well, we tried! 

I had purchased a Sam's club steeler cupcake and tiny cake tray since I don't eat that  anymore...well didn't want hubby to feel left alone celebrating so dad and I dug in and had a piece of the cake. It was good, but after not eating that sort of food since November, it left that sticky, greasy feeling in my mouth, and my head got a bit woosy.. yikes! I still must say I don't miss  swill.. 

 This morning, Blood sugar was 94, YIPPEE.. so  my body compensated for me , thanks body! 

ok back to my healthy diet... that I love so much...  and I created a good recipe for garlic sauce to put on eggplant and rice etc.. going to put it  on the recipe page... stop by if you are interested! 

have a great day! 

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