Friday, June 3, 2011

GOOD MORNING~ another great day towards eating right and staying healthy

The best thing about this  eating lifestyle is you feel good so quick, it is encouraging to keep it going...the weight comes off so quickly in the beginning, that too is a bonus. 

43 lbs down, still feeling great and energetic enough to get me through all life's little and big speed bumps over this past month...

I turned  54!!! yikes,had my farm flooded ( tons of clean up  still going on),  hubby in the hospital ( he is ok  and hopefully will be home soon),   caring for 87 year old father,    etc etc etc... all this and plenty of energy to stay on top...

so keep eating, make sure you eat enough starch so you aren't hungry, and  get healthy!  SHARE YOUR STORY with us on BLABBERINGS... thanks and  good eating to ya! 

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