Saturday, February 12, 2011

Changing your lifestyle in such a drastic way , has to be fun, and easy or

no one would stick with it. I figure unless there is real motivation to change what you put into your mouth,    it won't last and it will be just another one of those diets people  try then get bored, tired or frustrated with and give up.

When  I started this, if  the enormous energy burst hadn't come so quickly , I may have failed as well, and be right back where I was accepting the medical field's answer to diabetes, pills! and STAYING WAY FROM STARCH!! perfectly wrong advice.

My recommendation, the one that worked for me, and still is, is to NEVER GET HUNGRY. That 15 mins in the morning  spent making up a great pot of veggie soup or chili will  go a long way to keeping you eating healthy.

Eating out can be a downfall for many, but  just look at it as a "feast" time and  don't make a habit of it. When dad and I end up at a restaurant, we normally find out what veggies they have  available, and they almost always have baked potatoes... so we get a nice big salad, and cut up our potato right into it... and we do get the honey mustard dressing, which is not low fat or fat free, but with all the other foods having no oil, we are ok with that. 

 I think it is important to make sure you read the labels or ask questions. I had no idea lomein was an egg noodle, now I know,  so I stick with the sticky rice.  We found out the other day,   most chinese restaurants use a chicken stock as the base for their sauces. That is not acceptable to us, we do not want to add animal fat to our diet, so  we just use soy sauce.  

Lately I have been making up  a  big rice cooker of rice, and baking a whole bunch of potatoes, so they are ready when we want th em. YOu can freeze the rice  and  take it out as you need it... it 's just as good.. 

Just a few tips I have learned, and am learning...   have a great meal! 


  1. Really good advice Robin so glad you are doing so well . hugs to you and yours

  2. I do that too. What I really love is snacking on thick slices of sweet potatoes. I make sure to have them in the fridge most of the time.