Wednesday, March 2, 2011

THIS DOES WORK~ for everyone

I keep hearing " glad you found something that works for you" well having been designed to be a starch eater,  what else would "work" for me?

  It isn't about  amounts or calories, or giving up something it is about what your body is crying out to you to feed it. Crying out? yes,   any diseases  you may have that are  diet related  (  diabetes type 2, arthritis,bowel problems,cholesterol, blood pressure etc) are  your body crying out to you to STOP WHAT YOU ARE PUTTING INTO IT.  I apologize if   my ranting offends anyone, but having watched my family be "healed" by plants is enough for me to carry on a blog to discuss and chatter about it. 

My brother is a "star mcdougaller" read his story

 and then I personally have experienced a complete turn around in my health, energy,skin,weight etc...I can't say enough, I admit I am a zealot :)  ( is that a good thing?)

good luck to anyone brave enough to make a lifestyle change away from an unhealthy diet to a healthy full lifestyle of  energetic living... 

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