Tuesday, March 1, 2011

YIPPEEEEEEE ~ doc apt today... results are in!

 Ok, I lost 32 lbs, my cholesterol went from 188, to 150, my A1C was 6.5 and is now  5.2, that is the blood test that tells what your blood sugar was over the past 3 months, so  it shows I am no longer diabetic.

the PA (physician's assistant) seemed impressed and asked what I did, so I was able to share my  plant based diet experience with her.  She was however not interested enough to find out  who or how or books or dvd's on it, and said she was glad I found something that worked for me. 

This works for hundreds of thousands of people, and  Dr. McDougall hasn't found anyone yet that it doesn't work for, unless they just aren't interested in pursuing it.

anyway.. I am happy! 


  1. You being happy (and healthy) is the important part... Doctors for the most part don't want to suggest a healthy diet as "treatment" It would put many of them out of work.

  2. susie! exactly, my doc wasn't that interested in what i was doing , he turned up his nose at potatoes and y ams and such.. haha.. oh well..some of us are meant to be healthy and some are not is all... it's about choice...thanks for posting.. it's much more about health for me than anything.. h appiness comes along with it!!