Thursday, January 3, 2013

SEPT???? really???

I find it ridiculous that I have not posted since Sept...well here goes...
Today I had a message from yet another VICITIM of the SAD, Standard American Diet... she was diagnosed with diabetes and of course was put immediately on the PILLs...

I gave her the free program link and links for the articles to read about her new disease... I hope and pray she gives it a shot and does not let the disease OR depressing medical profession get her down! 

I am still doing good, though I do drink a coke once ina while... I like the bubbly stuff, I admit it... 

Recently I purchased this cook book;  

I intend on really finding what I like in here and incorporating the recipes into my lifestyle. For now we still eat the corn chowder, chili, steamed veggies, loaded baked potatoes, and eat out too in our weekly meals. I don't like to cook, so I try to keep it very easy...

here is the Happy Herbivore's website, plenty of wonderful recipes here, and I made the sage bread for the holidays, it's fabulous! 


ALSO... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, with your next $20 consider purchasing this movie to watch, a real eye opener, did you know you don't HAVE TO GET CANCER? I have the movie, though it's always a challenge to get people to watch things this scary..."SCARY" you ask? yes, scary being a lifestyle change... and in order to avoid cancer, you need to quit FEEDING it and encouraging the potential for it with your diet... changing eating habits appears to be the NO. 1 thing scarier than death! 


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