Wednesday, September 5, 2012


A friend of mine recently asked about my starch diet. I hadn't posted on here since June so I thought I 'd better get typing. 

The recipes are ones I still use. I recently invented a potato salad that I just love, here ya go; 

10 red skin potatoes washed and fork poked
3/4 cu low fat Vegannaise ( the yellow lid from your refrigerated health food section of the store)
1-2 t sugar
1T mustard
1-2 t lemon juice
1T vinegar
2T dried dill or you could use fresh to taste
1 large onion cubed
3 apples cubed
3 stalks celery sliced in small pieces
sometimes i add dried chopped chives, minced onion,
and parsley, depends on my mood that day... 

cook potatoes ( I use my microwave) let cool 
completely so they cut up nice...cut into cubes
Mix soft ingredients all together and taste to make
sure you have the right amounts you like of vinegar and such
mix all veggie and fruit ingredients together, then pour 
may mixture over and stir well... you may add a NON DAIRY
milk to add more moisture if it appears to dry...

refrigerate and consume ! 

I need to exercise!!! I think I will start walking.. I found a bike along side the road the other day, seems to be a nice bike, it had FREE BIKE sign on it... maybe it was God saying "HERE" no more excuses! 

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